20 Questions with Katie

This week we're turning the 20 questions spotlight to our Chief Marketing Officer Katie. Katie's job is to tell the story of Karshare, but now it's time to learn more about her story, which often tends to start off with a green tea, and finish on a peppermint.

1. How would you describe what you do for a living to family and friends?

Running the growth efforts for Karshare, where we’re taking cars off the road by making it easy for people to share cars instead of owning them.

2. What’s one professional skill you’re currently working on?

I’m currently in the final stages of an MSc in Behaviour Change and working on the analysis for my dissertation. So I’d say analysis and time management!

3. What’s the farthest you’ve ever been from home?

Australia. My mum and her side of the family are all from down under so my gran flew the UK contingent out there for her 80th.

4. How do you prefer to start your day?

A green tea before anything. Then during the warmer months my favourite start to the day involves a 1500m swim in my local lido at Brockwell Park - or in the winter a short kettlebells burst or a run.

5. How do you prefer to end your day?

A peppermint tea and a chapter or two from whichever book I have on the go. Currently: The Double X Economy by Linda Scott.

6. What was your first job?

I worked in a park cafe when I was 16 which sometimes involved taking an ice cream truck on the other side of the park. It was a pretty sweet first job!

7. What’s your go-to productivity trick?

Inspired by dev teams I’ve worked with, when I have a bigger project to complete, I’ll block out time in my calendar for a ‘sprint’. During this time I may turn off Slack and shut my email tab to focus on the task at hand. I also have most notifications on my phone permanently turned off - including WhatsApp groups - which minimises distractions.

8. What are your pet peeves?

Missing buses and trains. I instinctively speed up whenever I’m approaching a bus stop or station just in case.

9. What’s the coolest or most interesting thing you’re working on right now?

Very excited to have just finished work on Karshare’s debut TV advert which debuted this week.

10. If you could snap your fingers and become an expert in something, what would it be?

I’d love to be a speed reader that could get through a book a day… like Number Five in the movie Short Circuit. 

11. If you had to listen to one song for the rest of your life, what would it be? 

Listening to one song only for the rest of my life sounds like torture!! But if forced to, I’d pick a house classic that I could dance and exercise to as well as just enjoy. Joe Smooth, Promised Land would fit the bill.

12. What’s your most used emoji?

Star-eyed emoji. 🤩

13. If you could only have three apps on your smartphone, which would you pick?

Audible, Spotify and Strava.

14. Where are you in birth order (Oldest? Middle? Youngest? Only child?) and do you think it affects your personality? I’m the eldest of 2 and am a textbook older sibling - strong willed and determined.

15. What trend do you hope makes a comeback? 

Walking instead of driving for trips of less than 2 miles. Apparently if everyone did that air pollution in our cities could drop by 89%...

16. What’s been the most challenging part of your role at Karshare?

Brits are only just beginning to catch on to the vast benefits to the environment and our communities of a culture built around sharing: creating new ways to communicate the benefits of Karshare and car sharing more broadly is the challenge I think about every day.

17. What’s your favourite famous or inspirational quote?

Maya Angelou - If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude.

18. What’s your best memory of working at Karshare? 

It was great to get together with the whole team in a barn in Oxford the other week and celebrate what we’ve achieved so far and look at where we’re going.. Followed by fun and games in the torrential rain.

19. What’s something that you’re really good at?

Had to get a second opinion on this one. According to my 5 year old - “making our food”.

20. Who do you admire and why?

Malala Yousafzai, Greta Thunberg, Marcus Rashford. This generation of inspirational young activists gives me hope for the future.